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Frequently Asked Questions

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Our Products

Is Karin Herzog for all skin types?


Yes, if used correctly, Karin Herzog products are suitable for all skin types, even sensitive skin. All Karin Herzog products are paraben and preservative free and many do not even use any additional fragrances (check detailed ingredients). If your skin is sensitive, start using the products gradually. Apply the oxygen products every other night for two weeks, then increase to every night. Monitor the effect on your skin and possibly increase to using morning and night. 

How should I apply Karin Herzog’s Oxygen products?


Directions vary for each product. However, we recommend that you apply the products that contain active oxygen with a brush rather than massaging them directly into the skin. This prevents the active ingredients being absorbed by the fingertips. Dr. Herzog's patented oxygen formulas contain active oxygen, which is stabilized in the cream but converts to its more effective gas form on contact with the skin. Application with a brush helps to ensure all of the transformative effects of the active ingredients are delivered directly to targeted area rather than being absorbed by your hands. 

Can I mix Karin Herzog products with products from other brands?


We don't recommend mixing Karin Herzog products with other brands: the stabilized oxygen in our products may cause some ingredients (preservatives for example) to penetrate deeper than they are designed to, thus causing unwanted reactions. If you wish to continue using your usual cleansing milk and lotion, rinse your skin with pure water or Tonic Lotion before applying a Karin Herzog cream with oxygen.

Do Karin Herzog Oxygen products bleach facial hair?


When using any of the Herzog oxygen products, please avoid contact with the eyebrow and hairline as the oxygen within this product may lighten hair over time.

Which Vita-A-Kombi (VAK) should I use?


Everyone should start with Vita-A-Kombi 1. After using a full jar of VAK 1, consult with your esthetician about the possibility of moving up to Vita-A-Kombi 2. If you have a challenging skin condition, VAK 2 will accelerate the results. For most clients, it is not necessary to go any higher than VAK 1. Vita-A-Kombi 3 should only be used to spot treat acne breakouts, blemishes and hyper-pigmentation (dark spots). VAK 3 should not be used on the entire face but it may be used for treating wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation on the chest if applied locally.

When I started using the products, I actually noticed an increase in breakouts. Is this normal?


Yes. While many conventional products appear to clear the skin they actually push debris deeper, Karin Herzog products work the opposite way: the active oxygen penetrates deep into the skin and kills acne causing bacteria, while at the same time pushing out other toxins and debris that clog pores. Therefore, although pimples or blemishes may initially appear they will quickly disappear, with the continued use of oxygen products. Another option is to ease into use of oxygen products by applying the cream every other day for one to two weeks, then once a day for the next two weeks, gradually advancing to twice a day.

Why does my skin sometimes feel too greasy after using the creams?


If your skin is feeling too greasy, you are probably using too much cream. This is not a product where “if a little is good, a lot is better”. You only need is a very small amount of cream; less than one level scoop (enclosed with your product) for your entire face. In addition, using a brush to apply the product to your face will help with overall coverage while at the same time sparing eyebrows and lashes.

Why does my skin feel tight and dry after applying the oxygen products?


The skin needs time to adjust to the oxygen therapy until all skin functions are normalized. For very dry skin, either use Vita-A-Kombi Oil prior to the application of the oxygen cream to slow the rate of absorption or use an additional comfort cream after the application of the oxygen cream. 

Our Brand

What Is Karin Herzog?


Karin Herzog is the worldwide leader in oxygen-based skincare. It is the only skin care line formulated with stabilized active oxygen. The revolutionary skin care line was founded over 40 years ago in Switzerland by Nobel Institute honoree Dr. Paul Herzog. It is still run by the Herzog family today and all the products are made in Switzerland. Dr. Herzog dedicated his career to the study of respiration and the understanding the powerful effects oxygen can have on the body. He is the first person to stabilize active oxygen in a cream that can be used to treat medical skin conditions and was awarded the global patent for his invention. He worked with his wife, Karin, an experienced esthetician, to integrate his breakthrough technology into a revolutionary skin care line – Karin Herzog. The brand has grown into a complete range of facial and body products and is distributed globally through spas, prestige and specialty retailers, and medical offices. Learn More


What Is The Science Behind The Products?


Dr. Herzog pioneered the concept of delivering oxygen to the skin through a cream. He succeeded where many scientists had failed before him – to stabilize active oxygen (which is very volatile) in a cream. Oxygen is a natural detoxifier, it stimulates skin cell metabolism and eradicates bacteria from the surface of the skin. It also hydrates and reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Learn More

Where Are The Products Manufactured?


All Karin Herzog products are made in Switzerland.

Do Karin Herzog Products Expire?


We recommend using all Karin Herzog products within five months of opening. Unopened products can be used within 3 years of purchase.

Our Service

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What forms of payment does Karin Herzog accept?


You can use any of the following cards to pay for your order. We take security very seriously and your details are safe with us.

How do I know if my order was successfully placed?


You will receive a confirmation email with an order confirmation number.

How do I know if my order was successfully shipped?


You will receive a confirmation email with a USPS tracking number.

Can I cancel an order once it has been placed?


To cancel an order once it has been placed, please email us as soon as possible at oxygen@karinherzog.us. Cancellation is only possible before package has been shipped.