fbpx Wintercare | Karin Herzog


Skin care should be adapted every season of the year. As we all know, Winter affects us in many different ways, the organism, the breath, but above all, the skin, so it is important to take into account that low temperatures, winds, lack of humidity, dryness and dehydration, can make your skin suffer.

With this in mind, here are some tips to enjoy this beautiful season with beautiful skin:

Always keep your skin hydrated. Hydration is essential to take care of our skin and prevent it from looking dry.

Avoid using aggressive products. Use mild and dermatologically tested products.

Avoid showering more than once a day and with very cold or very hot water, as this increases skin dehydration.

Don't forget sunglasses and daily sun protection. Yes, also in winter as the sun’s rays are still present.

Avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Take care of your diet. Increase the consumption of vitamins C and antioxidants without forgetting to drink 1-2 liters of water daily.


BE CONSTANT! To achieve your goals perseverance is definitely the most important thing.