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Is skincare necessary for men?

Through all social media platforms, there are always videos sharing skincare routines, do’s and don’ts, which are represented by women. Does this mean that skincare is exclusive to women? The answer is NO. We all passed through puberty and with puberty comes  hormones, hormones lead to acne and then acne to scars. Our skin changes, by the time we are adults, we all have damage from acne, sunburn, clogged pores, and scars to prove it. All human beings have skin, this is the largest organ on our body, it doesn't matter if we are a man or a woman, we all need to take care of our skin.

Following, you will find the reasons why it is fundamental for men to take care of their skin.

  • Everyday pollution, dirt, bacteria, bedclothes, pillows, and even the fabric of your clothes can cause sensitive skin to get damaged for life if it isn't treated well. This is the biggest factor when it comes to clogged pores and acne. For those guys shaving their beards frequently, they should know that they’re harming the top layer of the skin and that it must be treated after shaving, by at least having an after-shaving moisturizer lotion for those occasions. 
  • It is well known that men’s facial skin is thicker and more elastic than women's because of facial hair, but that doesn’t mean that men can’t suffer from any skin conditions. In fact, men’s skin is also vulnerable, the hair glands become oily and the pores clogged.
  • An important thing that everyone needs to include in their skincare routine is SPF. Sunburn can cause premature aging, blemishes, and even cancer. Remember that UV rays can reach the skin even if it’s a cloudy or snowy day.

Finally, just to help out a little bit, when it comes to a basic skincare routine: it is important to wash and cleanse the face, apply a moisturizer and SPF. If willing, go further in the skincare routine and add an exfoliator, extra hydration cream, or serum like hyaluronic acid or retinol.