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A patended non-acidic Vitamin A that avoids irritation & photosensitivity

Once Dr. Paul and Karin Herzog decided to channel his medical discovery into developing a skincare line, he focused his research on developing the cream’s use as an anti-aging treatment and he began to explore additional, complementary ingredients. His attention turned to vitamin A. Vitamin A (Retinol-A) is one of the few substances with a molecular structure that is small enough to penetrate the outer layers of the skin to reach collagen and elastin fibers deeper in the tissue. When delivered effectively, vitamin A has proven anti-aging, acne fighting and skin smoothing benefits. Dr. Herzog found that existing vitamin A products, due to their acidic nature, were prone to causing irritation when applied to the skin. He wanted to create a way of applying vitamin A in a non-acidic form to avoid the irritation, drying or photosensitivity (sun exposure) that often occurs. He was successful in his research and earned a second patent for his discovery. This resulted in the creation of one of the cornerstones of the Karin Herzog line; Vita-A-Kombi. This dual action, highperformance formula incorporates encapsulated vitamin A within a base of stabilized oxygen to produce transformative results for the skin.


It does so in the following way:

1. Vitamin A is encapsulated with the oxygen and pushed deeply into the skin via the oxygen conversion process

2. The vitamin A is pH neutral until it goes into the skin and therefore not irritating to surface of the skin (even on sensitive skins or during pregnancy). 3. It is then converted into a more acidic form (retinoic acid) which the skin uses to aid In collagen production

4. With continual use, the skin cells are gradually restored to give a more youthful, radiant appearance

5. The skin appears smoother and softer, pores will be smaller and less noticeable, and signs of aging will begin to diminish


The patents

1974 Stabilization of active oxygen within an emulsion to oxygenate the skin by means of oxygen pressure.

1995 Combination of neutral Vitamin A with stabilized oxygen inside an emulsion to provide a deep penetration of oxygen with vitamins and water into skin cells by means of oxygen pressure.