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The Story Behind Karin Herzog

The Karin Herzog skincare line has been the favorite of doctors, high-end spas and celebrities all over Europe for almost 50 years now. This is the extraordinary outcome of years of research by the Nobel Institute Honoree, a renowned Swiss professor and researcher, Dr. Paul Herzog. He focused his entire career on the study of artificial respiration, the benefits of oxygen and finally the stabilization of active oxygen.

After several years of investigation, Dr. Herzog developed a pioneering ventilation device that led him to take part in the invention of the first artificial respirator. Due to his exploration, he started studying the significant effects of oxygen in the human body.

Dr. Herzog knew that oxygen was key when repairing the skin of burn victims. The goal was to create a hypoallergenic oxygen cream to restore the epidermis functions, to bring the skin vitamins and substances that are essential for its proper balance in patients. When his wife Karin, a professional beautician, noticed the benefits of oxygen; she motivated her husband to concentrate his investigation of oxygen’s properties and its advantages in the field of beauty and skincare.

With his wife by his side, Dr. Paul Herzog discovered the wonderful benefits of oxygen in skincare products that will help a variety of skin conditions like acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and more severe problems while harnessing its anti-aging properties. Succeeding, Dr. Herzog decided to launch a skincare product line named “Karin Herzog” after his muse, starting in Lake Geneva and encouraged by the positive feedback of the clinics where the products were tested in Sweden and Switzerland.

Many years have passed, and the process remains a secret that to this day has not been duplicated. The founding family have watched over the legacy by continuing the production of the original oxygen formula, which is still manufactured in the Swiss family laboratories, innovating in the cosmetic area as well as in high-performance skincare products for the global marketplace.